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The Real Housewives of Atlanta came back in style as the ladies all showed off their new ventures in Sunday’s fourth season premiere. Covering everything from babies and modeling to sex and death, THG breaks it down in our + or – review …

Kim’s living large, really large.

In her eighth month of pregnancy, Kim’s cooing about Kroy, her baby daddy and her brand new McMansion complete with a pool, basketball court, and movie theater. Plus 10 for finding a home with plenty of space for her wigs.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Pregnancy agrees with Kim. It’s the best excuse to complain that her breasts are too heavy and lounge around in bed all day. Plus 5 for realizing that being pregnant isn’t a free pass to eat. Of course that doesn’t stop her from sending the kids off to get her some baked ziti with jalapenos and sour cream and onion potato chips. 

Unfortunately, Sweetie put the gold plate in the microwave. Minus 8. It’s always such a bitch when the help does that.

NeNe’s still riding high off of her Celebrity Apprentice run. She says Trump taught her the importance of negotiating which comes in handy when she goes to buy Bryson a car.

NeNe’s getting divorced and her 21-year-old son won’t move out on his own but life is good because she can write the $13,500 check to buy the new Charger. Plus 10 for knowing how to look on the bright side.

Sheree accuses NeNe of stealing some appearance fees and plans on having a sit down summit with the former friend. She says the only reason NeNe was the Housewife picked for Celebrity Apprentice was because “they needed an irate crazy bitch.”

With an attitude like that, what can possibly go wrong.

Obviously there isn’t enough wine in Atlanta to keep these two mellow enough to talk. They both pulled out dueling phones. Sheree calls Tyrone and NeNe calls Diane. No one can hear anything. Minus 15 because the shrieking was more than I could take. Sheree even followed NeNe out of the restaurant to continue to throw insults.

Miss J flies in from Paris to help Cynthia launch her new modeling agency. There’s lots of strutting down makeshift runways as Miss J pokes fun at the model wannabes and tries to give advice. Plus 5 for entertainment value but somehow I don’t see New York and Paris running down to Atlanta any time soon.

Phaedra’s great aunt passes away and she make it her mission to make sure the funeral has enough pop. Honestly, I’ve never put the term pop! in the same sentence as funeral but then again, I don’t live in Atlanta.

Plus 20 for showing me what I’ve been missing. Multiple horse drawn carriages, hearses with flashing lights and timed music. Who knew a funeral could be such a spectacle. Looks like Phaedra has found her new mission in life … sending the dead off in style.

Kandi’s not about to be left out. She’s got a new venture too. Sex toys. Plus 10 for keeping things interesting and bringing us along for the adult toy store tutorial.

Apparently Phaedra has no problem sampling the doggy style wedge pillow in public and now we know that the newest thing in vibrators is that they can sync up to your iPod.

Kandi’s hoping to spread “joy and happiness” with her new line. Something tells me her and Phaedra’s new ventures will give us plenty to talk about this season.