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Teen Mom’s third season is officially in the books after Part 2 of MTV’s reunion special. So how did their “checkup” with Dr. Drew go? What did we learn Tuesday night?

Picking up where last week’s special left off, with Amber Portwood walking off the set after mourning her sister’s crib death years ago, Dr. Drew aired a SIDS PSA.

Too little too late to help the downward spiral that is Amber, but still, class move.

Drew and Nessa

Dr. Drew spent much of last week calling out Farrah for her behavior this season. This time, we spent the majority of the time catching up with Catelynn and Maci.

Catelynn and Tyler revealed that his dad, Butch, wasn’t sent back to prison because of a drug test, but for violating a no-contact order and meeting with wife April.

When Catelynn’s mom came on stage, Dr. Drew asked, simply, “What the hell?”

Pinsky is kind of the man after that, we’ll give him credit. As is Tyler. Why?

“She’s an amazing woman…always reassuring me that she loves me. I get emotional because I love her so much.” He said these words about … his mother!

What a sweetheart, even if there’s no reason for he and Catelynn to be on the show anymore. Who doesn’t love them as a couple, at least a little bit, right?

Finally, Maci Bookout expressed her desire to get pregnant. Again. At 19.

“Emotionally and mentally, I’m in mommy mode,” she said, making Kyle King cringe a bit by adding, “I wouldn’t get pregnant without getting married first.”


At least Maci and Ryan both seem resolved to keep things amicable for Bentley. Speaking of, him running over to sit by his favorite person – Farrah – was priceless.

What did you think of the Teen Mom reunion?

Do any of these girls show signs of maturing, or are they just destined to run into more trouble down the road? Share your comments with us below.