Teen Mom Recap: Have You Lost Your Damn Mind?

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Is Maci Bookout losing it? She wants another baby? Seriously?!

We think, given that these episodes are taped SO far in advance (even by reality show standards), that either Bookout had a change of heart, or this whole missive was manufactured to give sites like THG something to talk about.

In which case, bravo, MTV. Let's break down last night's Teen Mom:

Maci, Bentley

When 19-year-old Maci told her she wanted another baby, Sharon's response was simple. Six words: Have you lost your damn mind? Plus 12.

Maci's reasoning: "Bentley goes away half the week, and I'm just sitting there bored. If I had another baby, I wouldn't be bored." Minus 5.

If she's bored, she could watch some shows - 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom for example - to remind her how hard having a baby is. Plus 3.

Or re-enroll in the classes she dropped. Minus 8.

Kyle, always the voice of reason, reminds Maci that he doesn't have a job, as he moved to Chattanooga so she could get her degree. Wonder if he's rethinking that one yet. Minus 10 for either contrived drama or poor planning.

We know what side Bentley's on. Baby Ky! Baby Ky! LOL. Plus 6.

Plus 6 more because we can see Maci's desire for a do-over now that she has a stable guy in her life. But seriously girl. Chill. And go to class.

"I'm wanting to move! I've put off moving to college for two years now! Will you watch Sophia!" - Farrah Abraham, really driving home a point! Minus 4.

"Obviously I'm on top of my stuff, I don't need to be babysat anymore," says a girl whose mom has provided full-time care of Sophia. Minus 5.

Leah and Amber Photo

If Farrah wants to get an education so bad, why does she have to look at Los Angeles colleges? Plus 3, because we all know the answer to that.

Amber Portwood is finally spending some quality time with her daughter after a month apart. Stupid cops and DCFS and their "rules." So weak. Plus 3.

Look at the photo above! She's like a real mom! Plus 2.

Sadly, she's sharing custody with Gary, and he will always be where "home" is to her. Home is where the Aeropostale shirt is, as the saying goes. Minus 4.

It's a good thing in the end that Amber isn't tasked with Leah full time. She's too much of a loose cannon, and we know it gets worse from here. Minus 10.

Her date is dressed as a waiter. Sigh. Minus 4.

Thanks to his gig at Dan's, Tyler and Catelynn are rolling in dough, and not of the pizza variety. Well, they make ends meet at least. All relative. Plus 8.

The stepsiblings go crazy on Christmas presents for their daughter. Even Butch gets into the act and picks out a little gift for Carly. Touching. Plus 6.

Tyler's mom crosses the line communicating with Carly's adoptive parents. Minus only 5, because at least she's come around to the adoption idea.


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