Probation Officials Actually on Lindsay Lohan's Side

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Here's one you likely didn't see coming: Lindsay Lohan will get some critical support when she shows up in court tomorrow ... in the form of probation officials.

Probation Dept. sources close to her case say Linds has done most of what she's required to do, and they will NOT recommend that she be thrown in jail.

At her progress hearing, officials will tell Judge Stephanie Sautner in a written report that LiLo is in "substantial compliance" with the terms of her probation.

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They concede she was kicked out of community service at the Downtown Women's Center for habitually failing to show up, but the fact is she has one year to complete 360 hours' community service total and remains on track.

Sources also say she has gone "regularly" to her psychiatrist.

The shrink did not address Judge Sautner's directive that Lindsay go for therapy once a week - she has not done so - but is satisfied with Lindsay overall.

Lindsay has also completed her mandatory shoplifting class.

Sautner made it clear that if Lindsay violated any court order, she would go to jail. We'll see if she holds true to her word or cracks like Lindsay's teeth.

The hearing is set for tomorrow at 10 a.m. What do you think:

Should Lindsay Lohan go to jail?


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