Dina Manzo Defends Teresa Giudice, Tells The Truth!

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On part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, Caroline Manzo went off on Teresa Giudice for a number of reasons. Among them: Caroline blames her castmate for the disintegrated relationship she has with her sister, Dina.

How does Dina feel about this publicized mess? In a new blog entry titled blog post labeled "The Truth!," this former Real Housewife writes that she wants to "put all this to rest," and starts by addressing critics:

"Just so you know I've been offered a SERIOUS amount of money to sell this to many outlets BUT I chose to do it for free here. So all of you who have something to say can shove it."

Kathy Wakile and Teresa Giudice

Alright then. Glad that's cleared up. But what about Dina's take on Teresa's recent behavior, which includes a diss of Caroline in her latest cookbook?

"Was it necessary for her to write that stuff in her book? Probably not, but I don't think it was written with malice either," Dina said. "So there you have it, Teresa had nothing to do with me staying away from everyone, I even stayed away from her too."

So why did Dina stay away from cast members?

"I really wanted to walk away from all of the toxic behavior," she writes. "I was not into ganging up on anyone... I guess some of the Housewives may have taken that as I think I'm better than them... that couldn't be further from the truth."

Finally, in relation to her feud with Caroline, Dina is vague: "Feelings did get hurt. I won't get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore... There is no side here, this is a private matter..."

Then, of course, Dina closed by plugging Dina's Party on HGTV.

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