The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Recap, Part II: Piling it on Teresa Giudice

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It's part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show and the finger pointing continues, literally, as we rehash the season's ups and downs.

Let's break it all down in THG's +/- recap!

Andy said he's never seen a hornier guy than Joe Gorga. I've got to agree and if he just left it at that, we'd be good, but did he have to make it into a contest? Minus 10 for leading us down the which Joe is hornier road. I really didn't want to think about that.

Caroline Manzo Pic

Everyone's sex lives were paraded out for public scrutiny, not that most of them seemed to care. The high point was Albert's comment while he was sharing a suite with Teresa and Joe in Mexico. "I like to listen to you guys when you're going at it like cats." Plus 5 just for making me laugh. At least somebody got some entertainment out of it.

Plus 10 to Caroline. She said that her sex life with her husband was nobody else's business. It was one of the few sane answers of the night.

But it sounded like Caroline had bigger issues. She and sister Dina haven't spoken in months and Caroline blamed Teresa. Supposedly there were texts and e-mails to back this up. Of course since Dina's no longer on the show we didn't get to see any of that so this discussion got boring fast. Minus 7.

I'd happily hand out bonus points to anyone who could get Teresa to stop screeching. It never happened so Minus 10 for my growing headache.

Jacqueline's daughter Ashley was brought up briefly. The consensus was that watching herself be a spoiled brat on TV did nothing to change her behavior. Minus 5. I doubt anything will. My guess has always been that Ashley will move from her parents' home to some guy's home and never take care of herself if not forced to. Time will tell.
Melissa Gorga Cries

But back to Teresa who seemed to hog the spotlight for almost every conversation. She'd written a blog calling Kathy evil and sneaky and bashing her for stealing her brother on Christmas Eve.

She's still harping on that Christmas Eve dinner? Minus 8. Get over it already. The best part of the entire conversation was when Melissa asked why she'd want to stay when Joe Guidice was sitting there calling her raccoon face. Teresa tried to explain. He wasn't saying that about Melissa. He was calling Kathy raccoon face. 

How do I even give points for that? It's so ridiculous it's funny so it could earn a Plus 10 or is the obvious lie that now insults both her sister-in-law and cousin so sad it gets a Minus 10? All in all I'll call it a Wash.

Plus 7 for the entertainment Teresa's unique grammar style brought to the night. I loved how she "distant" herself from the situation and how the men weren't "un-edcated." I'd say someone seemed to be "un-edcated" but I'll let the viewer decide who.

Real Housewives of NJ Reunion Photo

Andy brought up that Joe Guidice frequently used gay slurs while being filmed and even has them plugged into his phone as the title for his brother-in-law. They admitted there were two particularly offensive words that Joe uses frequently and I'm sure I can guess both. It's no wonder Bravo didn't air the other one.

Teresa was oblivious to it all or the effect that type of behavior could have on her children. She made nothing but excuses for her husband and when Andy brought up that he threatened to punch Joe Gorga and have his jaw wired shut, her only response was, "So what?" Minus 25. I've never understood why this type of atrocious behavior is condoned.

On a lighter note, I loved how Melissa whipped out her cell phone and scrolled through a list of all of the insults Teresa had hurled at her all season. Plus 7 for being prepared.

So who was more evil this season? Teresa or Melissa? Did Caroline meddle too much? Did Kathy hold her own and do you think Jacqueline will continue with the show? Season Four is currently filming so stay tuned. The debacle that is The Real Housewives of New Jersey isn't over yet but at least we'll get a breather and let my Excedrin kick in.



Was this the episode where mean mommy Manzo yelled at Teresa for Gorga's family Christmas Eve, while Melissa sat there wide-eyed blinking and coyly trying not to smile like a witch proud of her tricks?


Please please get ride of Theresa......she is such a LIAR....she is soooooo much not right....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that Caroline is the joke of the show, she talks about being loyal and this season all she did was dog Theresa and then she sits there like she is so high and mighty, come on you got some skeltons in your closet Caroline, and I think one of your sons is gay, why dont you talk about that. And the cousin and her sicko husband, I am finished watching this show Caroline and her mighty then thou self makes me sick and so does Theresas sister in law and brother the sister in law got some shit with her I will find a new Bravo show for my family good by you jerks


what a poorly written article...the plus/minus stuff is very tedious and quite boring. jaqueline's daughter will move in with some guy? ha, not likely. into a trailer park maybe and that is very sad... she has been given everything, but was never taught to appreciate. she is jealous and resentful of her mother...quite sad.
kathy is a lady...i really like her, her family, her friendship with her husband...she is mildly dramatic, but overall a lovely woman. the reunion was actually pretty darn boring...seeing these ladies have a few laughs and speak candidly about their experiences of this or that would have been a lot more interesting.


A lot of Italians espeically Sicilians have black in them but they don't like to admit to it due to Moorish occupation of Sicily.


@Jax If these women don't want to be love or hated, don't signed up to be on a realtiy show. STFU!!!


All these women have issues but I am hook on the show. I guess juicy Joe use the n-word a lot too. Once again showing that a lot Italians are racist towards African Americans. Thersa is wrong and should have just apologies. I'm not a big fan of Caroline either or Theresa but Theresa does bring all the drama and she is so stupid. Even though I find her annyoying, she is the reason why I watch the show. She lied and told Any she doesn't sweat the small stuff and she is always postive. WTF? It seem like Theresa is very insecure and jealous of everyone. I also think something is up with Melissa ethnicity. She looks like she is mixed with black too me or she could be mix with puerto rican or something but she's not 100% Italians IMO. A lot of Puerto Rico or Hispantic do have African ancestry. I think that is another reason why Theresa doesn't like her.


Teresa needs to take her low sloping under developed forehead and her creepy pig of a husband and go find a cave, did the woman even go to high school, she is so ignorant. GO AWAY


I am a Canadian viewer and it peeves me to see how some of these women behave. Some viewers think that Caroline is a "know-it-all". I disagree, she is 50 years old and has life experiences that younger viewers would not have, plus common sense. She is talking from experience. On the other hand, I agree that Theresa is "low-class thrash" and that she is jealous of her brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa and anyone who appears to have more than she has. She is uneducated and ignorant...and a pro at screeming, flipping tables and bullying others. Some of these people on TV do not understand that living in a big house, driving a nice vehicle or wearing expensive clothes DOES NOT MAKE YOU CLASSY. They need to know that WHAT MAKES SOMEONE CLASSY "IS HOW THEY CARRY THEMSELVES/HOW THEY BEHAVE".


I read the intro to the cookbook and was surprised to see comments about Caroline starting in the 1st sentence. More digs went to Melissa and Kathy (though it was strange she couldn't bring herself to even write their names - just called them baby siserinlaw and a certain cousin). Also strange that she didn't make any digs (jokes?) about Jacqueline AT ALL. If they were 'jokes', how come no jokes about Jackie or about the Guidice's? hmmm...

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