The Bachelorette Men Tell All Recap: Persona Non Grata

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Many memorable castoffs from The Bachelorette, along with Ashley Hebert herself, took the stage in the show's Men Tell All pre-finale special last night.

As expected, there were some fun exchanges, but no real fireworks, with too much time spent on early season figures and Bentley not even showing.

For the latest on tonight's season finale, check out The Bachelorette spoilers we've put together. Now, for THG's +/- Bachelorette Men Tell All recap:

One Hot Bachelorette

Chris H.: "This has been one of the most controversial, talked about seasons of The Bachelorette ever." Pretty sure he leads with that every summer. Plus 10.

If you've watched this season, the filler/replayed clips are exhausting. Minus 7.

The bloopers/deleted scenes were fun, however, with Jeff (a.k.a. The Mask) doing chores around the mansion being the best. So domestic! Plus 6.

Ashley's Vaseline defense? Realistic, yes. Racy, sadly no. Minus 3.

Plus 15 for the extended Bachelor Pad 2 trailer. This is shaping up to be the most hilariously so-bad-it's-great reality show in some time (no small feat).

William Holman Picture

William is called out for throwing Ben C. under the bus, which he tries to weasel out of. Then he can't even watch clips of himself roasting Ashley. Wash.

Give the guy credit for admitting fault for the roasting, at least, but there's no excuse for gossiping about Ben C., or getting all this screen time. Wash.

Nick seems awfully willing and eager to weigh in on ... anything. Plus 5.

We forgot what an absolute moron that drunk guy is. Minus 18.

Ryan is a really good sport despite everyone loathing him. Plus 7.

He read books of questions (ones to to ask on dates, before an engagement, before marriage, etc.) before coming to The Bachelorette!? Minus 29.

Oh, Ames Brown. So genuine, polite, and charming in typical Ames fashion. Why's he going on Bachelor Pad? Make him The Bachelor! Plus 11.

Ames gets approximately 40 times more squeals than Ryan. Plus 4.

Ames Brown Picture

Bentley, who was invited to attend, is persona non grata at the Men Tell All. Instead we get a bunch of dudes and Michelle Money bashing him. Zzz. Minus 17.

Plus 10 for Chris Harrison. In general. This venerable host/pimp is such a great MC, year after year. He knows how to given an interview, whether he's asking legitimate questions or not taking the show too seriously.

As usual, when Ashley Hebert finally takes the stage, she shows up in a dress that looks to have been torn to shreds by a wolverine. Plus 8.

DeAnna Pappas, Jason Mesnick and Ali Fedotowsky, as much as we like all three, are just filling time at this point and it's not interesting. Minus 14.

Ashley is very happy? But with whom? We'll see tonight! Plus 2.


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