The Bachelorette Spoilers: Ashley Hebert Suitors, Scandals, Final Four and Winner Revealed ...

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The Bachelorette returns this evening and in keeping with tradition, THG has a deluge of Bachelorette spoilers for you before the season premiere even airs.

Who gets engaged to Ashley Hebert? We're fairly certain we know.

We'll update this post with any additional intel we come across, but we've got a bunch of spoilers already. Turn back now if you don't want to see them.

Nice. So are you ready, Bachelorette lovers? Let's do this ...

Come Get It

To learn nearly everything that happens between The Bachelorette premiere this very night, and the final rose ceremony, just follow the jump ...

The great Reality Steve has done it again. Using his remarkable pull with unnamed inside sources, he's got big time dish on Ashley's entire season.

The man is never wrong, either. Well, except for when he is in fact wrong, despite insisting that he is 100 percent not wrong. Which is sometimes.

What can you do. He gets fans one heck of a lot of info with regularity, and does catch his own mistakes by the end. All you can ask for and then some.

So, let's give credit where it's due and give it up for Reality Steve!

His site has much more information, but this is what's important. Here are the 18 gents who survive the premiere and vie for Ashley Hebert:

  1. Ben Castoriano: 28, New Orleans
  2. Chris Drish: 25, Chicago
  3. Ryan “Mickey” McLean: 31, Ohio
  4. Bentley Williams: 28, Alpine, UT
  5. Blake Julian: 27, Greenville, SC
  6. Ben Flajnik: 28, San Diego, CA
  7. Nick Peterson: 26, Tampa, FA
  8. Stephen D’Amico: 27, Manhattan Beach, CA
  9. William “Will” Holman: 30, Fostoria, OH
  10. West Lee: 30, Columbia, SC
  11. Lucas Daniels: 30: Odessa, TX
  12. Constantine “Dino” Tzortzis: 30, Cumming, GA
  13. Ryan Park: 31, San Luis Obispo, CA
  14. Ames Brown: 31, New York, NY
  15. Jeff Medolla: 35, St Louis, MO
  16. Matt Colombo: 28, Ameherst, MA
  17. Ryan Miller: 27, Michigan.
  18. JP Rosenbaum: 34, Long Island, NY

Now for the rundown on who survives subsequent episodes:

Episode 2 (down to 15)...

1-on-1 date: Will Holman. Will gets a rose.

Group Date: At the Monte Carlo hotel with 12 guys. The twelve guys are split up into two teams of six. Bentley gets the rose on this group date.

1-on-1: Mickey McLean. At the Mandalay Bay, they got a private concert from Colbie Callait performing her song “I Do”. Mickey gets a rose.

Eliminations: Matt Colombo, Stephen D’Amico, and Ryan Miller.

Flash Mob Style

Episode 3 (down to 12) ...

1-on-1: Ben Castoriano. Flash Mob Video date in Pasadena, California at the Americana at Brand outdoor mall. Whatever that means. Rose given.

Group Date: 10 guys in the first “Bachelorette Roast.” Basically, the guys do stand-up comedy directed at ripping on the other guys – and Ashley.

Will gets a bit carried away and apparently spends an inordinate amount of time making fun of Ashley. Nice. Ryan Park gets the rose on this date.

1-on-1: JP Rosenbaum. Low key date, just dinner at Ashley's place. Rose.

Eliminations: Chris Drish and Jeff Medolla. Bentley Williams eliminates himself after his group date, saying he misses his daughter and can't stay.

Episode 4 (down to 11) ...

1-on-1: Ames Brown. At some point, they end up sitting at the edge of the water in the sand in their bathing suits. Ames gets a rose, obviously.

Group Date: At a local orphanage where the guys are building and painting stuff all day for the kids. Ben Flajnik, the artistic one, gets the rose.

1-on-1: Constantine Tzortzis. Rose.

Elimination: West Lee.

Bachelorette Throwdown

Episode 5 (down to 8) ...

1-on-1: Ben Flajnik. They go shopping at an outdoor market, visit an ancient Temple, then enjoy Thai music, dancing, and fire eaters. Rose.

Group Date: Eight men compete against each other in Muay Thai boxing, tournament style. Ryan beats Ames and accidentally gives the guy a concussion, sending him to the emergency room. Blake beats Lucas.

Constantine beats Nick. JP beats Mickey. Constantine and JP bow out. Blake and Ryan have one final match. Blake wins, then wins a rose.

2-on-1: Ben Castoriano and Will Holman. Both are sent home.

Eliminations: Ben Castoriano, Will Holman and Nick Peterson.

Episode 6 (down to 6) ...

Bentley reappears! However, he doesn’t return to the competition, doesn’t go on dates, and isn’t part of the rose ceremony. He appears to talk to Ashley about ... something. But the end result is that he is sent back home this same week.

1-on-1: Lucas Daniels gets a rose.

Group Date: Three 2-man teams competing in a dragon boat race. Long story short, Ryan ends up getting the rose on this group date.

1-on-1: JP gets a rose.

Eliminations: Blake Julian and Mickey McLean.

Episode 7 (down to 4) ...

1-on-1: Constantine. Rose.

1-on-1: Ben F. Rose.

Group Date: Ames, JP, Lucas. JP gets a rose.

1-on-1: Ryan. He gets sent home on this date.

Eliminations: Ryan Park and Lucas Daniels.

Episode 8 - Hometown Dates (down to 3) ...

The lucky four fellas who get to go home with Ash:

  • Ben Flajnik (Sonoma, CA).
  • Constantine Tzortzis (Cumming, GA).
  • JP Rosenbaum (Long Island, NY).
  • Ames Brown (New York, NY).
Ashley Hebert and Ames Brown

Hometown Dates and Season Finale - Who Wins?

Ames Brown is eliminated after the hometown dates. Constantine Tzortzis is sent home after the overnight dates just before the season finale.

The final two, from what we're hearing now, is Ben Flajnik and JP Rosenbaum. A pair of worthy competitors, to be sure, but only one can win.

That person is JP Rosenbaum. That's right. JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert are engaged! Will it last? We'll find out after the August 1 finale.

Will these predictions prove correct, or did we miss the mark? Check back for updates and Bachelorette spoilers galore throughout the season!

UPDATE, 5/25: The first night's 18 survivors checked out according to the spoilers provided. Now it's about to get genuinely interesting.

UPDATE, 5/30: There is chatter about Bentley Williams and his exit (then return) to the show, but we can't confirm it yet. Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 6/2: So far, so good with the intel ... and so bad when it comes to Bentley Williams. What a slime ball, are we right ladies?!

UPDATE, 6/6: We've added the alleged winner of The Bachelorette, JP Rosenbaum. See above. Will this prove correct? We shall see ...

UPDATE, 6/8: As predicted, Bentley left the show of his own choosing in the third episode. But wow, no one could have predicted the way he did so.

With his dot dot dot garbage, Williams left the door open for his return, which we're hearing takes place in the sixth episode of the season.

UPDATE, 6/14: Still going strong. Ashley changed the rules by asking for another rose so she could only axe one guy, and was granted it.

Sucks for West Lee to be the only guy kicked off, but that's where we stand. Next week, three guys will have to pack their bags and leave.

As for the return of Bentley, the previews imply he will return next week. However, spoilers suggest it will actually be the following week.

It's possible they will talk about how he has returned, but the actual meeting between Ashley and Bentley won't take place until week six.

UPDATE, 6/21: Yup, Bentley is coming back next week. He cast a long shadow over the fifth episode but did not actually appear. Yet.

The three eliminations were just what the spoilers predicted, leaving the current field at eight ... plus whatever you'd consider Bentley.

Don't worry, though. He's gone for good next Monday.

UPDATE, 6/28: Wow. What a display. Bentley came all the way to Hong Kong to replace that "dot dot dot" crap with a period. So lame.

As predicted, Blake Julian and Mickey McLean are gone, although the latter actually eliminated himself in the wake of Bentley's return.

That was something of a surprise twist. In any case, we're left with the final six Bachelorette contestants we've expected from the start.

From what we've learned, there will be no new episode July 4. New episodes will resume July 11, with the finale still set for August 1.

UPDATE, 7/12: The final four hometown dates are set, just as outlined above. Will be an interesting couple of weeks to say the least.

UPDATE, 7/19: As predicted, Ames is gone. He didn't take it well. In fact, it didn't seem like he even knew how to process it at all.

Meanwhile, in the previews for next week, another surprise guest shows up in Fiji. Don't worry, this time it is not Bentley Williams.

We're hearing that Ryan Park is the returning hopeful, and that he appears AFTER Constantine takes HIMSELF out of the competition.

UPDATE, 7/26: Ryan was allowed back to ask for another shot for some reason. After some hilarious visuals, he left dejected again.

Constantine did in fact withdraw from the show, saying he would not go to the fantasy suite with someone he wasn't in love with.

That leaves Ben Flajnik and JP Rosenbaum, as predicted all along. Will the big winner be validated next week on the season finale?

UPDATE, 7/31: With the finale set for Monday night, here's what we know about last episode of the season and its aftermath:

JP meets Ashley’s family first, and her sister Chrystie is really, really hard on him. She prefers Ben, who meets the family second.

At the final rose ceremony, Ben gets down on one knee and proposes to Ashley, who eventually shoots him down. Ben is shocked.

He walks away, surprised and despondent, and she chases after him, but he's not too receptive. JP then arrives and he proposes.

She says yes. On the After the Final Rose special, Ben is still upset and surprised. Ashley and JP are still engaged and happy, though.

UPDATE, 8/1: Check out our LIVE recap of The Bachelorette season finale!

As always, stay tuned ...

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