America's Got Talent Performance Show Review: Very High Grades

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Look up, THG readers. Look way, way up. See the bar? It's difficult these days on America's Got Talent because it continues to get raised on a weekly basis. Below, we recount the latest performance show, which included a series of high grades...

Zuma Zuma - The group has a tragic story that was glazed over by their enthusiastic nature. The intro took long, but I appreciated several tricks happening at the same time. The pyramids were the highlight, but they depended on the trick too much with the only variation was when they turned in a circle. My Grade: B+

Beth Ann Robinson - A great dancer, but she's against the odds as a soloist. Beth Ann had a great smile, but I wasn't sure if choosing a slower song was the most engaging routine. The use of the mirrors was smart to fill up the stage, except for the fact that she kept her back to the audience. My Grade: A-

Sandou Trio Russian Bar - Isn't it ironic that the "Russian Bar" is part of their name and they decided to drop the Russian Bar? The singing was weak, but watching a piano rotating wasn't that bad. I'm expecting a real singing/piano act try that next year. The whole thing was sleepy. My Grade: D-

Kevin Colis - Kevin continued his song choices that are too California summer. He's not going to win a competition singing generic pop songs that don't have pow. He wavered as he walked around, but the worst part was that his microphone didn't seem loud enough. His high notes are nice, but we heard three seconds of it. My Grade: D+

Matt Wilhelm - Matt's performance is slowly looking more and more like Fighting Gravity. That's not a bad thing, but the two acts should just join forces to create a really cool Vegas blacklight show. Some of the tricks looked sloppy and he stumbled near the end of the routine. The routine showed growth, but one mistake could end his chances. My Grade: B

PopLyfe - The kids have balls for picking anything from The Beatles catalogue and they blew me away. I liked the setup of the stage where each of the performers got their own little square; whoever is thinking up of the stage concepts should be commended. The group dynamic was great and the backing vocals got stronger, aided by the talk box. My Grade: A

West Springfield Dance Team - Some producer on AGT is sadistic, this poor group had to perform three weeks in a row where several acts, like Team iLuminate had time to think about an outstanding routine. The routine's setup took too long but I liked the song choices (I'm sure Sharon did as well). The group slow down into their end sequence was interesting and showed control. My Grade: B+

Melissa Villasenor - Melissa stumbled during her last performance, so she decided to go with a style following her traditional standup routine. I didn't like her Sarah Silverman at all and her Wanda Sykes didn't have enough gruff. The Shakira segment was cute when she made herself laugh, but the best part was her Christina Aguilera. She spent more time with each imitation which was better than her previous showing. My Grade: B+

Team iLuminate - There's a newer technology with panels along with the full-color lights. It shows evolution, whereas the blacklight groups haven't moved up levels. I wasn't sure when the one outfit was half lit, but even only half-lit was amazing. I liked the end sequence when their lights were going crazy. My Grade: A+

Daniel Joseph Baker - Daniel claimed that he would be going out of his comfort zone meaning he decided not to pick a Lady GaGa song. Instead he chose Adele. I liked the rotating piano concept and the rocked out piano section; his choices were very Elton John. I hated the costume. My Grade: A-

Miami All Stars - The All-Stars decided to go with something they claim that no one has ever seen before and they decided to go with a Big Band-era themed routine. The performance was colorful and a great extension of their dancing skills. They managed to use the stage to their advantage. My Grade: A

Lys Agnes - Lys was sick and was given antibiotics. Interestingly she chose the song that Britain's Got Talent's recent winner Jai McDowall chose. I liked the arrangement, but there was something odd about her low notes and trying to stick operatic vocals with modern phrasing. She's still amazing and matured. My Grade: A

Five groups/acts will be moving on this week. It seems easy to suggest that the top four will be Lys Agnes, Team iLuminate, Miami All-Stars, and PopLyfe; the fifth? It's a toss-up.

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