Katie Price Reality Show: Coming to Fox?

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Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, is a pretty big name in the UK.

Best known for her work in reality TV, posing in her underwear, posing in less than her underwear, having kids and getting married a lot, the lingerie model has etched a permanent place for herself in the annals of British tabloid lore.

But we here in the USA, she's not that well known. Yet.


Word has it that FOX is interested in a new reality show starring Jordan. It's not really clear what Katie Price's reality show entails, but she explains:

It's taken nearly a year to set this contract up. We're thinking of doing the road trip from New York to Los Angeles. I want a big Priscilla-style van."

"You've got to make it fun. Cameras will be in the van. That's what we're working on. I'll be in America in September and they're trying to work it out. I'm not trying to be famous or massive, I'm just doing what I do."

What that is, we really don't know. But sounds awesome.

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