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J.P. Rosenbaum certainly gave Ashley Hebert – and TV audiences across the country – a happy ending last night when he nervously popped the question.

The 26-year-old dental student from Philadelphia accepted J.P.’s marriage proposal immediately. From a man she calls “my rock,” was there ever a doubt?

“We complement each other so well,” Hebert said today on Good Morning America, the couple’s first, live TV appearance together as an engaged couple.

Ashley on JP: “He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

The couple announced that Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum will soon be living in the same city after she relocates to New York in the near future.

That said, they have no plans to rush down the aisle.

“She’s going to move to New York City, finish up school,” J.P. said. “We’re going to find a place, she’ll get a job, we’ll get settled and then we’re going to talk about a wedding … Maybe fall of next year, or end of next year.”

The Bachelorette season finale is in the books, but for Ashley, 26, and J.P., 34, they feel that only now can their lives can finally begin.

While Rosenbaum delivered his proposal to Hebert months ago in Fiji, proclaiming to her, “You mean the world to me and I want to be with you forever,” the duo were not able to publicly celebrate their engagement be.

“It was kind of fun at first, to keep the secret,” Hebert said on GMA. “But then, towards the end, we were ready to kind of come out in the open.”

Perhaps someone not ready for the couple to come out, however, was the man who was left standing in Fiji with an unclaimed engagement ring, 28-year-old winemaker Ben Flajnik, whose proposal Hebert rejected.

“She didn’t have what we have with any other guy,” Rosenbaum said of any worries he had that Hebert would choose Flajnik over him. “For the most part, I knew that she didn’t have what we had with anyone else.”

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