Parents of Casey Anthony Call Defense "Baseless," Verdict "Fair"

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George and Cindy Anthony are clearly dealing with conflicting emotions.

Questions of what happened to two-year-old Caylee Anthony remain unanswered after the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder Tuesday.

No one is more aware of that than Caylee's grandparents, who Casey pretty much threw under the bus, and who implied her guilt more than once.

Casey Anthony Crying

"The family may never know what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony," George and Cindy Anthony's lawyer said in a statement. "They now have closure for this chapter of their life. They will now begin the long process of rebuilding their lives."

"Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented ... and the rules that they were given by the Honorable Judge Perry to guide them."

So ... unlike Nancy Grace, we have no idea what they really think.

During the trial, George Anthony was a target of his daughter's defense, which accused him of both molesting Casey and having an affair with a woman, Krystal Holloway, who helped the family search for Caylee.

He denied the affair took place and the judge disallowed further mention of sexual abuse in closing arguments, saying the claims weren't proven.

Cindy Anthony, however, was a key defense witness, taking credit for shady online searches for chloroform and some other incriminating terms.

Casey's mother also provided an explanation for how Caylee could have gotten into the family pool and drowned as the defense theorized.

In their statement, Casey Anthony's parents concluded with their hopes for members of the public who want to honor poor, innocent Caylee.

Instead of leaving stuffed animals or toys near their home, the family "would prefer that items be donated in Caylee's name to families in need, religious centers, or any other entity where the toys would be appreciated."

What do you think? Casey Anthony was ...


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