Dia Frampton Reflects on The Voice Experience, Looks to Future

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Dia Frampton made quite an impression on The Voice.

Despite appearing shy or out of her element at times, the singer lasted until the bitter end, when she came in second to Javier Colon.

In an interview with TV Line, Frampton explains her on-screen persona, sheds some light on her experience, and looks ahead to what's next:

On the blind auditions: "The blind audition was by far the scariest. I saw singers go in there before me that I knew the judges didn’t turn around for, and I’d think, 'That person was amazing! I’ve been in a hotel with her, and she’s awesome!'"

"Did Christina just want the big, big voices? I thought Blake would want all country. I had my pre-conceived thoughts, and I was having a hard time with it."

On her audition song, "Bubbly": "I wanted to pick something that kind of represented my style, but thinking back now, that was a really, really safe song for me. I didn’t want to go out there and do some weird REM thing then."

"I was so scared and I was playing it by the book."

On her battle round win over Serabee: "The Battle Round was really uncomfortable. I knew I was entered in a competition, but not in such a literal way. Literally standing across from somebody and singing a three-minute song, and one of us goes home?"

"Serabee has such a crazy, strong, strong, strong voice, I thought for sure I was going to go home. And the song is a little bit more soulful, and she has more of a soulful voice, so I kept feeling like I was done for. I was so, so, so nervous."

On her performance of "Heartless": "I wanted to slow down a hip-hop or R&B song, and “Heartless” was the best choice because of its lyrics; you can play with them. They’re still so emotional. It’s not like slowing down a Snoop Dogg song or something."

On her mindset heading into the finale: "I was definitely trying my best, but I was just thrilled the final four was who they were. They’re all such cool people. That last week of rehearsal and stress and not a lot of sleep, doing it with [Javier, Vicci, and Beverly] was actually really comforting and fun."

On coming across shy on TV: "I’m not a really, really shy person. I think they made me out to be painfully shy on the show. But being on the show was a really new, extremely uncomfortable environment for me, where I never felt I had a confirmed space."

On singing a duet with Miranda Lambert: "She was completely the opposite of what you’d expect [from a big star]. I was expecting her to say 'Let’s do this. And I want to wear this. And I want to sing it this way.' Instead, she was like, 'What color dress are you wearing? I want to match you. What song do you want to do? I think this one might be cool for you voice but if you want to do something else, that’s cool. I’ll send you some songs — if you want to change the arrangement, I won’t be offended, I’ll be excited. Do it your way.'

"She was so awesome. No ego. She was so gracious about it. Singing with her was my favorite thing on the entire show. Next to Blake’s duet, it was something that I was trying really hard not to cry the whole time I was singing with her."

On a solo release: "If I do a solo thing, I’d want to maybe make it more uplifting. I’d want to do something a little more dance-y — not in a Lady Gaga way — but just a little more upbeat and fun and lighthearted. Something that’ll make people happy."

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