Nancy Grace on Casey Anthony Verdict: The Devil is Dancing!

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Nancy Grace does not mince words.

After watching the jury announce Casey Anthony's not guilty verdict live on her HLN show, the former prosecutor was in disbelief like many others.

While certainly benefiting from this case in the ratings department, Grace has railed against Anthony from day one, and was true to form Tuesday.

Making it clear she didn't expect or agree with the jury's call, she said "I absolutely cannot believe that Caylee’s death has gone unavenged."

While she empathized with the prosecution and the case they laid out, Grace said that "in the end, Tot Mom’s lies seemed to have worked."

She then proceeded to describe the mangled remains of Caylee Anthony in graphic detail, reminding viewers of what Casey allegedly did.

Later, she added, "As the defense has their champagne toast after that 'not guilty' verdict, somewhere out there the devil is dancing tonight."

Nancy's words, not ours. But it's hard to argue with her.

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