So You Think You Can Dance Elimination: Down to 16!

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So You Think You Can Dance eliminated four hopefuls last night, following a week in which no one went home. Who got the axe? A review of the evening's performances and decisions follows...


Top 20: Hip-Hop (Dave Scott) - The slow run made a return from last night; I guess Dave Scott was convinced that the slow-motion run was an emotionally grabbing element of choreography. The middle looked like a step aerobics class because all the dancers were lined up so equally with spotlights for each dancer.

The Eliminations: We started with Missy & Wadi, who were in the bottom three. All of Missy's hard work couldn't compensate for Wadi's wooden performance. Caitlynn & Mitchell and Sasha & Alexander were both safe. In the second set, Miranda & Robert, Melanie & Marko, and Jordan & Tadd were safe, with Iveta & Nick joining the bottom three; people probably forgot to vote for them. In the final cluster of couples, Ashley & Chris and Clarice & Jess were safe. Ryan & Ricky was the final couple in the bottom three.

Sports Nutrition: Now that Gatorade is sponsoring the show, we are forced to watch through it so they won't be advertising things like drinking chocolate milk to get your muscles back.

Musical Performance: Rage Crew - Why is it that every crew with small children now has a kid with an afro? The difference between Rage and Britain’s Diversity is that they have girls and include couples segments. The old fogey in me thought that the young kids should have had more age appropriate clothes, but the dances never got sexual and their imitation step section wasn't bad.

Solo Performances
Wadi: Wadi started slow, but his set of tricks near the end was great and his final prayer position won me over. He has some really strong breaking, but outside of the power moves, I was a bit bored.

Missy: Missy definitely tried to put her sexual energy in the routine, but she didn't find her groove until 10 seconds remained. Dancers, please stop wearing random pieces of fabric to emphasize your rumps.

Nick: He had wonderful turn sequence in the beginning, but there's something about tap dancing that can disconnect with the audience. Nick tried his best to milk the crowd at the end, but it stopped the tapping.

Iveta: Went for the Samba because she had to bring the party spirit and show off as much leg as possible. Tinsel was flying everywhere. Again, like Nick, Iveta has the disadvantage that she would look even better with a partner, but she had to try to fight.

Ricky: Ricky knew that he had to go with power moves from the start and his whole routine actually was solo worthy. He showed both his strength and his groove while not holding back.

Ryan: Ryan should have gotten into her chorus a bit sooner because the beginning was lacking something. The whole routine lacked a bit of oomph and her hands looked like emotionless oven mitts.

Musical Guest: LMFAO ft. Quest - I'm not sure why Quest dropped "Crew" and D-Trix, but their tricks were still as fun to watch. Maybe I was mesmerized by the tacky zebra print; I'm probably just in denial that 90s neon is making a comeback. I appreciated that LMFAO actually danced with Quest, the freestyle breaking was a lot of fun to watch as well.

We then had a unanimous decision. Nigel explained that Missy didn't fit the genre of the cha-cha, Iveta deserved to be here, and Ryan's routine wasn't the best tonight. Even after all of the negative comments, Ryan was safe, which meant the lone Latin/Ballroom representative was eliminated. As for the guys, Wadi was told that he didn't have time to grow, Nick had star potential and a twinkle in his eye, and Ricky danced the best tonight than he ever has. Ricky was safe, due to his solo.

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