Jersey Shore Season 5 Filming to Begin ASAP; Cast on Lockdown to Preserve Chemistry

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The filming for Season Five of Jersey Shore commences Monday morning, and the cast is being quarantined until then to keep the "chemistry" intact.

No phones, no Internet, no friends, no family, no nada. They just got another raise from the network, so they can't complain too much.

With the gang coming back from Italy, producers want them to remain "in the zone," believing that if they started circulating again in N.J. with friends, family, and media, they'd lose the chemistry that makes the show work.


Given that Jersey Shore Season 5 starts shooting on Monday, producers felt it would be better to keep them away from everyone and focused on each other.

Sammi, Deena, and Pauly D had prior engagements that could not be canceled, so they were given a pass, but must return to Jersey by Sunday night.

Speaking of quarantines, eligible, disease-free men and women in Seaside Heights may want to consider placing themselves under one indefinitely.


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