Katy Perry Live: Eight Outfits in One Song?!

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Katy Perry changed costumes 15 times in Atlanta Tuesday night on the latest stop of her "Teenage Dream" tour. That's impressive enough for a night's work, but eight of them took place during the course of a single song!

Using a magic trick she first saw on America's Got Talent, Katy took the meaning of her own lyric, "You change your mind like a girl changes clothes," to a new level.

Watch her do her thing during "Hot N Cold" here ...

How exactly does she pull this off?

Legally, she can't say even if she were so inclined. Katy recently told Entertainment Weekly what prompted her to add the trick to her routine.

"I saw these two magicians do it on America's Got Talent, and I thought, ‘I'll have them teach me the trick and we'll incorporate it,'" she said.

"But before I could I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement saying that I wouldn't give away the secrets behind the magic trick."

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