Blake Julian: Cast on Bachelor Pad!

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Monday's episode of The Bachelorette saw the return - and final exit - of Bentley Williams. You know what that means. Coming to Bachelor Pad this summer is ...

Blake Julian.

Yes, the only guy who was actually eliminated last night (Bentley and Mickey just left). A little bit of a letdown, we know. Bentley is tailor-made for that show.

Just the same, Blake joins last week's exiled Bachelorette hopeful, happy-go-lucky 30-year-old boy William Holman, for the coming season at the Pad.

Blake Julian Picture

The fellow dentist never got a one-on-one date with Ashley Hebert and never really hit it off with her, either. Will he have better luck at the Pad in August?

You never know. One more “Mystery Man” from the current season will round out the cast of the Bachelor spin-off. Six men remain in all. Who will it be?

We know who it won't be. Someone's gotta get engaged to Ashley, after all. To learn who (we think) it is, follow this link for The Bachelorette spoilers!

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