The Bachelorette Recap: Bentley Williams, Closure and That "Dot Dot Dot" Garbage

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If you were playing a Bachelorette drinking game with the words "Bentley," "closure" and "dot dot dot" ... you aren't reading this right now. You are likely in a hospital bed recovering from alcohol poisoning and having your stomach pumped.

The fact that Bentley Williams was even allowed to return to the show after the stunt he pulled several episodes ago is a joke, but finally - finally - Ashley Hebert saw the jackass for what he is and he hit the road for good Monday.

Bentley Williams Picture

That's not to say there wasn't collateral damage left in Bentley's wake. Some of the other guys, understandably, were far from pleased by his return.

The Bachelorette spoilers we've compiled include who makes it to hometown dates, and all the way to the end this season, so read at your own risk.

Right now, let's break down last night's episode, the sixth of the season, THG style. Continue on for our patented +/- Bachelorette recap ...

"Oh, hey, what are you doing here?" - Ashley Hebert, who already had a camera crew waiting in her room, to Chris Harrison. Never unfunny. Plus 6.

Why would the producers allow him back after they'd seen the earlier footage? Why would Bentley want to come back? Makes no sense. Minus 15.

Man, their "conversation" was awkward to watch. So much silence. Minus 13.

For a girl he says is not attractive and isn't worth his time, Ashley sure did elicit a bunch of longing stares and leg-touching from Bentley. Plus 7.

How much did you want to throw a remote control through your screen when he tried to charm her with that fake smile? So much rage. Minus 8.

It's not clear how, but Ashley had a sudden epiphany that she's dealing with a Grade A douchenozzle and peaced out rather emphatically. Plus 11.

Plus 15 more for the f-bomb to Bentley in her interview after the fact.

Ashley, Blake and Ryan

Lucas got the first one-on-one date, which involved strolling, sailing, eating and Ashley talking about Bentley still. Fortunately just to the camera, so ... Wash.

He seems cool and got the rose. Plus 3. Hong Kong seems cool as well. Plus 4.

As the only two guys who haven't had a solo date so far, Ryan and Blake were on edge as the date card arrives and the one-on-one goes to ... JP. Plus 12.

Ashley wears a lot of leggings and button-down shirts, many of them see-through. This appears to be her signature look. Different, but it works. Plus 8.

On the group date, the guys were split into teams and tasked with recruiting other dragon boat rowers off the street. Good times were had. Plus 4.

Ben and Constantine felt their best bet was to eschew team members in favor of local couture. Minus only 3 for this poor strategy, 'cause they had fun.

Afterward, a couple got engaged on the beach! WHAT are the odds!? Minus 9.

Ames and Mickey prevailed. Then Ames really prevailed when he stole Ashley away and put the moves on her in an elevator. Go #Amesbot!! Plus 13.

Dragon Boating

Ashley decided to ruin her date with JP by bringing up Bentley. Minus only 5, because he's going to watch the show eventually. It had to come up sometime.

Plus 10 for JP reacting like a mature adult, unlike some of his competition. It's The Bachelorette. There were 25 guys there. She liked more than one. Deal.

JP and Ashley sure enjoy making out. Bentley who?! Plus 9.

Unfortunately for our girl, JP's reaction was not indicative of the male population at large when she told the rest of them about Bentley. Crickets. Minus 7.

Plus 41 for that dress she wore, though. Wow. 'Nuff said.

Constantine is skeptical. Lucas all of a sudden thinks his time is being wasted. Blake whines, again, about not getting a date. Guys ... calm down. Minus 5.

Ryan, obviously, sensed the opportunity for brownie points. Plus 6, because even though the dude is beyond annoying, he seems like he's there for her.

Clearly insecure about Bentley and looking to bail on his terms before getting sent home later that night anyway, Mickey leaves. Your loss man. Minus 8.


ROSE RECIPIENTS: Ben Flajnik, Lucas Daniels, Constantine “Dino” Tzortzis, Ryan Park, Ames Brown and JP Rosenbaum.

OUT: Ryan “Mickey” McLean and Blake Julian.

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