The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Travel Reservations

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The Real Housewives of New York City were back this week for plenty of sniping, tears, and Pinot. As Luann plans to take the ladies on a Moroccan vacation, Cindy buses the girls out to the Canyon Ranch Spa and Ramona ...

Well, Ramona continues to guzzle her own wine.

THG breaks it all down in our +/- recap below!

Luann decides to treat the ladies to a fabulous vacation… to Morocco. Where can I find a friend like Luann! Plus 10.

Jill and Cindy are in immediately. Plus 5. Ramona reacts negatively. Morocco's too exotic for her but on further thought says she'll make it work. Maybe she's afraid the country doesn't carry her Pinot. Minus 3.

Girls Weekend! Yeah!

Alex is in but laments that Simon doesn't like couscous. For having her relate everything back to Simon, Minus 2. Kelly agrees to think about it and after the fiasco that was last year's trip, I don't blame her for hesitating. She gets a Plus 1 for just considering it.

What's up with Luann's hoop earrings. I know these ladies like their jewelry large but my dog could jump through those. Plus 1.

Luann calls Ramona out on attacking Jill at the party last week. Plus 4. Ramona of course blames it all on Jill. Minus 3.

Ramona drinks water and tea. Not a drop of Pinot in sight. When was the last time you saw that? Plus 10.

Sonja continues to plug her toaster oven cook book which she has yet to write. Minus 3, but it doesn't stop her from doing a photo shoot for the cover, sans underwear! Kelly gets a show as Sonja straddles a dining table in an evening dress. Plus 5 for sheer ridiculousness, Minus 8 for visuals.

Cindy invites Luann, Jill, and Kelly to the Canyon Ranch Spa. Plus 5. She fails to invite Ramona, Sonja, and Alex because well…she just doesn't like them. Plus 8.

Housewives at the Spa

Jill covets her Diet Coke like it's an illegal drug the spa's about to confiscate. Plus 5.

The women lament how hard it is raising children on their own. Ladies, working two jobs and raising your kids while living on a budget is hard. Taking spa trips while the nanny watches them at home…not so much. Minus 6.

Kelly confesses to her ex hitting her. Luann simply hugs her. Plus 5. The ladies take a West African Drumming class. Jill calls it weird. Plus 3.

Alex, Ramona, and Sonja head out for some skin treatments of their own. Alex has her face shaved. Plus 4.

Ramona brings a case of her Pinot to auction off at Jill's charity event. Plus 5. She then breaks open the case and starts drinking it at the party. This woman can't seem to survive without a glass in her hand. Minus 8.


Ramona tells Luann she isn't allowed to wear the same designer that she does. She's serious. My guess is she knows tall, slender Luann will look better in any outfit and doesn't want the comparison. Still, it's just rude, so Minus 3.

Luann calls her out for it and then tells her she has to play nice on the Moroccan trip. Plus 4.

Alex just sounds whiny as she tries to defend poor, helpless, Ramona and calls Luann a truck driver and a thug in a cocktail dress. I'm guessing Alex hasn't met many truck drivers…or thugs for that matter. Minus 5.

Kelly mans up and decides crazy Ramona isn't going to stop her from going to Morocco. She even gets Ramona to stop her drunken tirade. Go Kelly! Plus 8.


I think that could have been higher if Ramona had had a little more wine. The next three weeks will be spent in Morocco as the ladies attempt their version of a Sex and the City montage. The location looks amazing. The drama, ridiculous.

You won't want to miss this!

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