May 21: The End of the World?!

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Is the world coming to an end May 21, 2011? Harold Camping says so. The Colorado minister insists Doomsday is this Saturday, so it must be true.

“The whole universe is going to be destroyed by fire," says Camping, who created a formula based on Bible verses to pinpoint the end of the world.

Apparently he's not the only believer. Some followers of his Doomsday theory have already quit their jobs as part of their preparations for the end.

May as well, right? Rapture trumps recession. Safe to say the 89-year-old minister and his backers side with Kirk Cameron over Stephen Hawking.

The weather forecast for Saturday, apparently.

The 89-year-old uses rather sophisticated equations all tied to one date - the date of the flood from Noah’s Ark. His faithful followers have embraced this.

Of course, there have been thousands of predictions tied to the end of the world or the apocalypse, and all turned out to be BS. So who knows.

If the end is but 48 hours away, we just have to say what an honor it's been providing you with celebrity gossip - and occasional other nonsense such as this story - for all these years. From all of us at THG, we love you, readers.

What do you think? Is Saturday, May 21 gonna be the end?

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Totally. Peace out, world!

Maybe. It's up in the air.


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