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Lucy Hale has a problem. She’s infected and not even the addition of more cow bell can cure this disease. That’s right, the Pretty Little Liars star has Bieber Fever!

“I loved the Justin Bieber movie! His whole story is fascinating to me,” she says in the latest issue of Seventeen. “Beforehand, I didn’t understand how he got so huge so fast. I knew he was talented, and obviously he’s adorable. But after seeing the movie, I was crying and singing his songs. You couldn’t walk away from that movie without falling in love with him.”

Fans of Hale’s ABC Family hit want her to fall in love with someone else, however: co-star Ian Harding.

Lucy Hale Hiking

“Ian is a doll. He is the coolest guy in the world,” the actress says. “So funny. And I feel like our chemistry works so well. People are rooting for us to date, but it will never happen. He’s literally like a brother to me!”

Now, if you’ll excuse Lucy, she has to go sing “Baby” in the shower…