Lindsay Lohan Preliminary Hearing to Be "Grueling"

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After rejecting a plea deal that could have settled her grand theft case and given her a short stint behind bars, Lindsay Lohan is rolling the legal dice.

The first step? A preliminary hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence to order Lohan to stand trial. That is scheduled for Friday, April 22.

It sounds to us like fireworks will fly in the courtroom that day. Team Lindsay is confident they're gonna win, but the D.A. is not backing down ...

Tight Dress on Lindsay

Los Angeles Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers is warning witnesses to expect "grueling cross examination by defense attorney Shawn Holley" at the hearing.

Meyers originally planned on calling only the investigating officers to testify, but is now prepping to go all out April 22 because of a legal technicality.

Lindsay, as we know, stands a good chance of being found in violation of her DUI probation regardless of what happens in the felony grand theft case.

If the judge finds there is enough evidence to send Lohan to trial, that in itself will result in a probation violation, even if a jury were to later acquit her.

Meyers wants to go all out to see that Lindsay is taken into custody for violating probation following the hearing, so she's calling extra witnesses.

Meyers has met with the jewelry store owner, Sofia Kaman, along with the female employee that helped LiLo with the necklace she allegedly stole.

Much of the preparation is being spent on Sofia's testimony, because of Kaman's decision to sell the surveillance video of Lohan's alleged theft.

Meyers believes Sofia will be an excellent witness for the prosecution, despite that move. She has yet to see one dime from the sale of the tape.

Just the same, Meyers expects Holley to grill Kaman about her motives and to try to raise doubts about Sofia's credibility, inside sources report.

The preliminary hearing is expected to last 2-3 days, and at the conclusion, Judge Stephanie Sautner will determine if there is enough evidence.

If she does, Meyers will ask that Lindsay be jailed immediately for the probation violation, pending trial. But Sautner could allow her to post bail.

Basically, it should be very interesting as there are so many scenarios that could play out in what is a surprisingly complex courtroom drama.

What do you think? Is Lindsay a thief?

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