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Brooke Mueller has gone back to rehab, according to reports.

The socialite refused her drug test Friday, one that she was required to take as part of her custody settlement with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

This followed a week in which she allegedly went off the rails. There’s no hard proof of her binging on drugs, but that pawn shop sighting is sketchy to say the least, and Sheen’s lawyers are going to court on Tuesday to raise the issue.

Sheen and Richards
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Sources say Brooke’s return to rehab is a preemptive strike.

A source close to Mueller tells E! News somewhat vaguely that: “Brooke is doing fine, she is continuing with the rehab program she has always done.”

That doesn’t mean all is well with her and ex-hubby Sheen, either: “Brooke will not take a drug test until Charlie takes a drug test,” the source said.

“Brooke will [comply with the deal] until he stops talking about her in public. He’s been violating their agreement from day one and she’s had enough.”

As for how poor little Bob and Max are dealing with all this?

Decrying recent reports and rumors about Mueller, the source says that “Brooke has been home taking care of the kids and the boys are doing great.”

“They are with their mom, aunt, uncle and most of the time they are also with their grandparents. They’re living a very stable life and are very happy.”

That’s good at least. We advocate as much grandparent time as possible.

When Sheen was asked if he was aware of Mueller’s pawn shop incident, he said in a recent interview to E! News, “Yeah I know,” he declared.

“She knows the rules. And the consequences are radical. And I told her don’t pick a f–king fight with a warlock because you’re going to lose.”

Sheen is ponying up over $55,000 a month to Mueller in child support, so as wild as HE is, you can see why he’s probably fired up over this.