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When you think “pillow talk,” you probably aren’t picturing this.

Monday, Joel Madden went off on a Twitter rant about a recent purchase made by his wife, reality star and fashion designer Nicole Richie.

Let’s just say Joel would not have made this particular buy:

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Amen, man. You gotta hand it to Nicole, though, for her reply:


Ohhh snap.

But, lest you believe Joel lost this battle, he later declared victory, writing:”Needless to say, the pillows are going back to the expensive ass pillow store. Hope she likes the Target pillows I’m putting in their place!”

“Trust me the pillows were gone before I even Tweeted!”

When a pal asked how a pillow could cost so much, Madden joked, “I was thinking they must be made from unicorn manes or some s***.”

Ah, marriage …