PTC Blasts Glee for "Appalling" Sex-Based Episode

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The Parents Television Council often goes too far in its attempt to rid the airways of anything remotely controversial. In the past, it's asked for a federal investigation into Skins and compared a photoshoot to child pornography.

But we can see where the organization is coming from in its latest critique of Glee.

Following an episode that brought back Gwyneth Paltrow as a sexual education teacher, Dan Isett - the PTC's director of public policy - went off to The Hollywood Reporter about how many scenes were "pretty appalling." Specifically? One in which Paltrow's Holly dances seductively for students.

Go Glee

"If you had a real-life instance of that, I think it's fair to say the teacher involved would no longer be a teacher," he said. "But somehow it's acceptable for a fictional teacher to do this. Again, this is a real problem. Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students."

Isett acknowledged one conversation in which a father gives healthy, mature advice to his gay son about sex, but said overall:

"From the beginning of the episode, it was pretty clear the gist of it was going to be that abstinence is off the table, and we're going to make the celibacy club look like the nerds convention essentially.

"There was very little doubt - despiteĀ  the sort of lip service the show gave to responsible sexual activity - that the gist of the show was lap dances with students is cool, the celibacy club is not, and when it's presented in that way, it really cheapens whatever discussion there is about consequence and responsibility."

Did you watch the episode? What did you think of its and the PTC's reaction?

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