Denise Richards: Awesome, Doing Great!

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She's been forced to explain Charlie Sheen's actions to their daughters, and she's been faced with a few threats from her ex-husband, but don't worry about Denise Richards.

"She's doing great," Alison Sweeney told Us Weekly last week. "She's awesome and she has her head on straight. She's got a wonderful heart."

Newly Sympathetic

Who is actually winning the PR battle, due to Charlie Sheen's shenanigans? Ex-wife Denise Richards.

According to the latest issue of this tabloid, Sheen recently threatened harm against Richards after she attempted to put distance between him and his children, Sam, 7, and Lola, 5.

But such antics have not deterred Richards from her grander goals, says The Biggest Loser host:

"Denise rescues animals and fosters them. Denise is such a ray of sunshine and she just manages to live her life and hold her head high. I'm so impressed by her."


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Brooke Mueller, Denise Richards
Denise Richards is the Wild Things actress is also known for somehow marrying Charlie Sheen. They have kids together and seem to be on... More »
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Denise Richards

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I admit I have a weakness for guys that have dark hair and are passionate in bed. What's wrong with that?

Denise Richards

If I have my kids on my show, I'm exploiting them. If I don't, people will think I'm not a hands on mom – That's why it's very important to me that the girls are part of it.

Denise Richards