Who Did Charlie Sheen Threaten to Murder?

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Charlie Sheen may have gone to sleep last night in the same bed as his goddesses, but he also did so in a household bereft of his children.

That's because a judge granted Brooke Mueller a restraining order yesterday and the police responded by removing two-year olds Bob and Max from their father's home. Sheen may not come within 100 feet of them until a hearing on March 22.

What warranted this action? What has Sheen be accused of in Mueller's filing? TMZ has obtained the document, which alleges...

  • Sheen spit on Brooke's feet and "punched" her in the arm during their Bahamian vacation.
  • Charlie demanded from Brooke the $20,000/month in child support he pays due to his need for "untraceable cash to knock off a few people because the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished."
  • During a recent confrontation, Sheen referred to he and Brooke's 2009 domestic violence dispute in Aspen and said; "I should have killed you when I had the chance!"
  • Sheen made it clear to those around him that he "hated Denise Richards" and "was going to have her hair shaved off."
  • Screamed the actor at one point in the Bahamas last week: "I'm untouchable! I'm Charlie Sheen! I'm more famous than Obama!"

Overall, Mueller wrote to the court: "I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue."

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