Alyse Lahti Johnston: Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend?

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Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend in Alyse Lahti Johnston, according to Terez Owens and Radar Online. But he and the 22-year-old aren't getting too serious. Yet.

One of Alyse's pals and former classmates says the following:

"She sent a BBM to a mutual friend of ours saying she didn't consider herself Tiger Woods' girlfriend. They were just having a good time hooking up."

Sounds about par for the course - PUN INTENDED!

Tiger Woods and Alyse Lahti Johnston: It's mostly physical.

"She is a really nice girl, smart and super friendly. And she's also a bit of a wild child. She definitely likes to have fun," the source says of Tiges' gal pal.

After growing up in Ohio and graduating from Ohio State, Alyse Lahti Johnston moved to Windermere, Fla., where her mother and stepfather relocated.

Windermere is home to Tiger Woods, and Alyse's stepdad is Alastair Johnston, a member of the board of IMG. You can see where this is going.

IMG is the giant sports agency that reps Woods. A golfer herself, she wanted to train for the LPGA Tour, and her stepfather hired a private coach.

It was the coach who introduced Alyse to Tiger.

"Alyse wouldn't care about Tiger's money," the source says. "That's never motivated her and she comes from a very well-to-do family anyway."

She had a fashion job of some kind in Orlando when she first moved to Florida, but that didn't last long, sources say. On her agenda these days?

"She just wants to have a good time and lots of fun. I can definitely see her considering sex with Tiger a lot more fun than a relationship with him."

Wait, baukubg Tiger Woods is more fun than dating Tiger Woods? It's like the guy's into sneaking around and dirty text messages or something.

Somewhere, Elin Nordegren is seething. As much as a model-gorgeous blonde in a $12 million beachfront mansion can seethe, anyway. Call us, E.

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