Shawntel Newton on Brad Womack: I Was in Love!

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Shawntel Newton is sad.

She harbors no hard feelings about being eliminated last week on The Bachelor, but she was devastated just the same. She even uses the l-word to describe it.

Here's what Shawntel had to say about taking Brad Womack to her unusual workplace, the tension with her family, who she thinks will win and more ...

Shawntel Newton

On taking Brad to work: "I thought I might as well lay my cards out on the table. This is my job. This is what I grew up around and if he wants to get down on his knee and propose, he should see what I do. It's the final test almost."

On her family's concerns: "I always thought that I would stay in Chico and take over the business. It was a shock to my family. Everything came at them at once – me saying I'm in love, I might be leaving this lifestyle in Chico, moving."

"I was falling in love so I was willing to move."

On being surprised she was cut: "I told him I was in love. It was like minutes [before] he left. I thought I'd have more time to explore what he thought about me moving, saying I love him, the funeral home. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling the same."

On moving on: "I compare this to losing a loved one because we go through the same stages of denial. In losing Brad, I allowed myself to get angry. I allowed myself to go through the stages in a healthy way and I'm not in love with him anymore."

On who she thinks will win: "I thought Ashley Hebert was going home. I knew that she hadn't told him that she was falling in love and I had. It was a shock that he'd let a girl go who was in love and willing to leave her life."

"But my personal opinion is that he is in love with Emily. she's everything he wants. He wants to be a father to her child. She wants to get married and have more kids."

Who do you think will win The Bachelor?

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