T.I. Reprimanded in Prison After Tiny Attempts to Provide Hand Relief

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Oft-incarcerated rapper T.I. got in serious trouble with prison officials after guards caught the famous inmate taking things too far during a visit from the wife.

TMZ reports and T.I.'s wife Tiny (a.k.a. Tameka Cottle) confirms that they were in a room alone together at the Arkansas State Prison when she made like MJ.

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We're saying she started to beat it. It being him.

BEST VISIT EVER: Unfortunately for T.I., it was soon cut short by pesky prison guards. No word if she also baked him a cake with a file inside.

According to state prison guidelines, inmates are allowed to kiss and embrace at the beginning and at the end of a visit as well as hold hands in there.

However, "the inmate’s hands must remain in plain view of staff at all times." Same goes for the visitors. In his pants doesn't cut it apparently.

Tiny confirms that as a result of this stroke of bad luck, T.I. was sent to a  "Special Housing Unit" consisting of more security and less freedom.

No wonder T.I.'s so sick of jail. Peeps are so uptight there. Tiny hopes to visit him again soon, even if she has to keep her right hand to herself.


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