Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson Beat Me During Sex

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We'll call out Mel Gibson's anger issues and criticize him for derogatory words about Jews and women, but words don't mean he actually hit anyone.

The claims by Oksana Grigorieva to that effect keep getting more and more absurd, too, rapidly diminishing whatever credibility she once enjoyed.

Milking Him

Her latest? An explosive allegation under oath that she never before made - that Mel Gibson beat her during sex, and needed to hit her to ... well ...

SHADY CHARACTERS: Troubled as Mel is, his ex may be lying up a storm.

During Oksana's deposition in her custody war with Mel, she testified that Mel had issues "performing" and the way he got aroused was to beat her.

The claim is as odd as it is shocking, since we're told Oksana never uttered a word about such violence in her multiple interviews with authorities.

Oksana claimed that Mel struck her on January 6, but there is no other allegation of physical violence in the court file or with law enforcement.

Allow us to call BS on Oksana.

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