THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving to all from The Hollywood Gossip!

What would this holiday be without family, food, football and reflection upon the things we appreciate most ... in the case of THG, that means some of the bird-brained celebs we've had the privilege of covering in the past year.

Without further ado, THG's Top 10 Turkeys of '10 ...

We may rename this the Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award.

10. Barack Obama. The good will and immense popularity enjoyed by the President at the start of his White House term eroded fast, leaving in its wake a deeply polarized electorate and a Congress destined for partisan gridlock.

9. Jake Pavelka. Lame stints on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and DWTS were enough to overcook this turkey, but his televised breakup special with fake fiancee Vienna Girardi was the year's reality TV douchepocalypse.

8. The Kardashians. Sure, they're harmless, but there's so darn many of these girls. Mix in a hearty helping of Scott Disick and we're just burned out.

7. LeBron James. The NBA's best player, who has never won a title, made this summer all about him and his decision on where to play next year. A "decision" that marked the most absurd, narcissistic, self-serving stunts in sports history.

6. Spencer Pratt. He's fallen off from 2008's Top Turkey status, but he's got staying power. Faking a divorce, getting married for a third time in as many years, blowing through $10 million and turning into a mountain man? Impressive.

5. Dancing With the Stars voters. Bristol Palin? Seriously people?

4. Lindsay Lohan. The definition of train wreck. Second only to ...

3. Charlie Sheen. His violent altercation with wife Brooke Mueller last Christmas combined with Capri Anderson dalliances this fall? Quite a year for Charlie.

2. Mel Gibson. Why? Just listen to his rants. Wow.

1. Tiger Woods. Today, or more accurately early tomorrow morning, is the anniversary of Tiger's car (and image) crash, following a blowout with Elin Nordegren, who learned of his affair with Rachel Uchitel and took a 9-iron to his face.

The months that followed revealed additional mistresses, worried voicemails, nasty text messages, sordid fantasies, ridiculous rumors and bad golf. It's a scandal that may never be equaled, and certainly worthy of Top Turkey billing.

If nothing else ... Tiger Woods' Thanksgiving can't be worse than last year's.

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