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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood’s daughter is now a ward of the state of Indiana, meaning her guardianship is determined by a judge and government agency.

It’s the latest, most dramatic development yet in the ongoing saga of the MTV star, whose troubled, often violent life has played out on the popular MTV show.

Portwood and former fiance Gary Shirley appeared in an Anderson, Ind., courtroom Tuesday for an emergency child placement hearing concerning Leah.

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It’s official. Indiana has wrested control of Leah from Amber.

As the Department of Child Services assesses Leah’s living situation, Leah, 2, remains under the state’s control, even though she is staying with Shirley.

The Indiana Department of Child Services also supervised Amber Portwood’s most recent visit with Leah at Gary’s house, taking place Tuesday after court.

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley declined to comment outside court.

Gary and Amber, whose violent altercations (which are basically one-sided, with him taking the pounding) appeared extremely friendly toward each other.

DCS will monitor Amber’s progress in the wake of her felony battery charges, and determine if Gary’s home is suitable for Leah to remain in permanently.

DCS has been probing Leah’s living situation at Shirley’s house and asked for changes that Shirley will comply with, one source close to the matter said.

Under Indiana law, if a child is found to be a “child in need of services” (CHINS) the child then becomes a ward of the state, which happened in this case.

Portwood gave Leah to Shirley recently, believing the toddler would be better off with him right now, given the demons she’s battling. It was for the best.

Hopefully Clinton Yunker is there to comfort her in this tough time.