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Saved By the Bell memoir and Screeched sex tape sales must not have been too great, because Dustin Diamond is apparently facing foreclosure … again.

The filthy, goateed one’s bank just filed new legal documents claiming he owes over $278,000 on his Wisconsin home. Octomom, you’re not alone, babe.

DD faced foreclosure in 2006, when he allegedly fell behind $250,000 on Wisconsin mortgage payments. This April, similar problems arose. Zoinks!

Screech has really bad financial problems.

According to Wells Fargo Bank, Screech’s debt ballooned to $290,000, meaning he must have one of those interest-only loans or simply not pay it. Jackass.

Now, the foreclosure monster is back, and it’s nastier than a Dirty Sanchez. Okay, not quite, but DD is still in default, owing $278,309 since May. Rough.

WF says it is no longer d!cking around and wants to recoup losses ASAP, demanding immediate foreclosure. T-shirt sales aren’t gonna help this time, Dusty.