Shawn Christy Told to Quit Stalking Sarah Palin

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Former Alaska Gov. and V.P. candidate Sarah Palin was given a temporary restraining order against 18-year-old Shawn Christy for stalking and harassing her.

Dude bought a gun and sent Palin the receipt. Definitely smart when dealing with a major political figure. He also wrote to her about his "evil and wickedness."

Her lawyer Tom Van Flein says that the Palins took the teen’s threats “very seriously.” Palin and her friend, Kristan Cole, both "felt intimidated and threatened."

STALKED: Not cool. Just watch Fox News next time, Shawn.

“Let's be clear. It was a lot more than just talk," Van Flein said. "He purchased a gun then sent the receipts. After he called [Cole] we decided to take action."

They took action "because we feared for their safety and we acted swiftly in getting the restraining order to protect both women from this individual.”

Christy allegedly sent e-mails and letters to Palin for more than a year, but claims that he flew to Anchorage from his Pennsylvania home sounded the alarm.

In her request, Palin stated that Christy had badgered her aides with attempts to meet her and threatened to track her down at a book signing in Alaska.

Palin testified that Christy was delusional in statements that he had direct communication with her or her daughter. It is unclear if she means Bristol Palin.

The court document stated: “Petitioner also testified that respondent has falsely claimed to have had a sexual relationship with petitioner." Well ... sure.

In his correspondences with Palin, Christy allegedly signed his letters to her with the words, “your magic enemy.” Soon to be her jailed enemy, it sounds like.

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