Michelle McGee: Still Around, Looking For Attention

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Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is still around, and looking for attention any way she can get it, talking about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James dating Kat Von D.

Look, Michelle. Go away. Even THG is tired of you at this point.

Alas, despite the fact that Sandra Bullock has moved on from Jesse James' cheating scandal, his former mistress still wants to have a sit-down with her.

Don't hold your breath, B-shell.

"I would talk to her girl to girl and wish her the best," the gross tattoo model said. "She is a mom now, I think that's great. I am a mom too; I have two kids."

She hasn't run into Jesse James since the scandal broke earlier this year. "Never see him, never talk to him, nothing," she says. Big surprise there, MM.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee isn't surprised he is dating Kat Von D, either.

"He is going after a tattoo girl because that's what he likes," she said. "If that's what he is into, then that is what he is into. Kat is a great representation of that."

Profound. Deeply profound.


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