Lindsay Lohan: Partying All Night ... Sober!

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Is Lindsay Lohan actually under control?

In New York last weekend, where Samantha Ronson was as well, L-squared was spotted partying late night at the Standard's recently reopened Boom Boom Room.

Jokes aside, reports say that despite assumptions to the contrary, our girl looked "well behaved" and "it didn't look like she was drinking anything alcoholic."

LL on the Move

Is Lindsay Lohan actually keeping herself under control?

"She was with friends in the corner obviously trying not to be seen," a source says. "But she didn't make a scene either, which is unusual. Lindsay was low-key."

Adds a clubgoer on the scene with her: "She actually physically looked really good, too. Isn't that the most distinct sign when she does fall off the wagon?"

Probably. But there will be no return to the downward spiral.

In fact, a source close to the Crotch of Fire insists the star has been "living under a media microscope" but is 100 percent sober, both pill- and alcohol-wise.

"Because of the outpatient thing she's in, she can't do anything stronger than an Advil!" reports a source close with Linds of her "harmless hanging out."

"She's been cooped up in a jail then in a hospital and she's used to living it up," says our source. "She just wants to hang out. People need to ease off her."

"Just because she's sober doesn't mean she has to be in bed at nine."

This Lohan insider says she is under such strict supervision enforced by her outpatient treatment, there's no way she could slip up without getting caught.

In fact, Lindsay's new "image team" is working hard to get the troubled actress to ditch the "negative influences" she was seen partying with pre-rehab.

"The few good people Lindsay has in her life basically have to reprove themselves. It's like she's being forced to ween off everyone she was hanging with."

Do Dina and Michael Lohan fall in that category? Hells no. But it's good to see that those people apparently exist, and that Lindsay's actually doing well!

Can Lindsay stay clean?


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