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Chin up, Levi Johnston. You may be absolutely hated throughout Alaska, but at least one person finds you “bright, sensitive and funny.”

That’s how Brittani Senser described the political candidate/reality star/hater of Sarah Palin in a new interview. The 24-year old singer was happy to speak to Radar Online and explain why she finds her new boyfriend to be a “really great guy.”

From Bristol to Brittani: An upgrade or downgrade for Levi Johnston?

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“When we worked together on making the , I was really happy about it because I felt that Levi could understand the story and bring truth to the role,” Senser said. “Working together I got to know him to be a really great guy. It was like we knew each other even though we had just met.”

So profound. So touching. The singer continued:

“He’s a great listener and a really nice guy. Now dating, I’m finding that he is really a sensitive, caring person. Very bright, he’s funny. He’s a great dad, he’s a natural. He’s a real guy with a big heart.”

Maybe that should be Levi’s slogan in his mayoral campaign.

Johnston and Senser will attend the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday in Los Angeles. She is not nominated in any category, but Levi will be squaring off against The Situation for Least Talented Attendee. Just kidding.