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Levi Johnston has encountered an obstacle in his path to the Mayor’s office in Alaska: most residents of that state despise him.

This revelation is courtesy of a new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling. In it, Tripp’s attention-craving daddy received a 72 percent unfavorable rating, which was scarcely offset by his six percent positive rating.

“It’s hard to muster a favorability rating lower than six percent,” the company wrote of its findings. “That’s about the where the average person off the street we polled on a lark would be, so Johnston may hold this dubious distinction for a long time.”

Levi can take solace in setting a record, though: he beat out former presidential hopeful (and proven cheater/liar/despicable human being) John Edwards as the most hated politician in any state. Yes, we just referred to Levi Johnston as a politician.

As for Levi’s nemesis, Sarah Palin?

The same polling organization found that 55 percent of Alaskans hate their former governor; 37 percent are still on her side. We’d have to imagine that the survey has a 37 percent margin of error.

Soon enough, of course, a woman near to the hearts of both Levi and Sarah will be judged by the public: Bristol Palin debuts on Dancing with the Stars on September 20.