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Bill Simmons, a.k.a. The Sports Guy of ESPN fame, recently pondered if anyone with less talent has ever had a longer shelf life than Levi Johnston.

He makes a fair point, and the baby daddy of Bristol Palin shows no signs of fading into the sunset anytime soon. Any possible PR is good PR, right?

He’ll be putting that theory to the test with a new show, Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. Yup, he’s running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

The current office-holder doesn’t seem all that worried about a challenge from a 20-year-old high school dropout, but hey, you never know, right?

The producers at Stone & Company Entertainment are excited to bring his bid for office to your TVs. Head honcho Scott Stone spoke to EW about …

The current status: “We’re pitching the show as advertised, Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. We’re going up to Alaska to shoot for a couple of weeks. Once we have our story set up properly, we’ll start pitching it to the networks.”

Is Levi Johnston ready for a career in politics?

On who will air this nonsense: “I tend to do shows that could run multiple places. We will target the ones that are most interested first, and suffice to say we’ve gotten a ton of interest since the announcement went out yesterday.”

On Levi’s reaction to the idea: “Levi’s a young guy, and running for office is a scary proposition and a big commitment. He thought about it, and then he came back and said, “I thought about it, let’s talk and see if we can do this.”

On whether the Palins will be involved: “We went into this with zero expectation for any involvement from the Palins. If that changes, that’s purely their choice. We would welcome it, but it’s going to be the Levi Johnston show.

On Levi’s political leanings: “Levi is well known all over the country, and you can be sure he’ll take advantage of it for his campaign. He’s already come out and said that he’s half-redneck and half-Hollywood. The Hollywood part isn’t going away.”

Would you elect Levi mayor?