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Danielle Staub was almost attacked by Teresa Guidance on last night’s Real Housewives reunion special.

But physical assault is actually the least of Staub’s problems these days: she might find herself in financial ruin if Kevin Maher gets his way.

Danielle Staub Makes a Stunning Announcement

The certified nut job is being sued by her ex for $5 million because he says her recent allegations – such as him raping her on a bed of broken glass – have defamed his character. In response, Staub filed documents this week that aim to get Maher’s lawsuit thrown out.

Now, Maher has once again laid into Danielle. He tells Zap2It that her motion to bring up his actions from two decades ago (as evidence that his reputation can’t be tarnished any further) is pure “BS,” adding:

“It’s not going to work. It’s just another way for her to get headlines. Some of the things I wrote about myself, I wasn’t proud of, but most of them I was. I was honest. I put it out there. These are things that took place 25 years ago.”

Maher says that there are items in Staub’s motion that are simply false. For example: she says Kevin has no proof that she ever accused him of rape. But he says Caroline Manzo was right there when Danielle uttered this allegation.

“I’ve never done anything sexually deviant with any woman in my life,” he said. “And for her to call me a sexual deviant is another slanderous move on her behalf. I’ll throw that in my lawsuit, too.”

Hmmm… can we sue both of these people for wasting valuable minutes of our lives with their complete and utter nonsense?