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Krisily Kennedy says she got screwed Monday on ABC’s Bachelor Pad. Figuratively, of course. And yes, her name is actually Krisily … you read that correctly.

Along with Wes Hayden, the former Miss Rhode Island (2003) and Bachelor runner-up (Charlie O’Connell’s season) was sent home last night – and was pissed.

Dave Good had urged Krisily to vote off Wes in return for her safety. His alliance was targeting Gwen (Age: ??) instead. But that’s not how it all went down.

Krisily’s fate was sealed when Kiptyn Locke said he could not send Gwen home for unknown reasons and preferred Krisily. The other two caved and she was toast.

At the last minute, they voted against Krisily.

“I am just angry,” she announced after her name was called. “I was told one thing and voted and put my faith in some people who clearly weren’t there for me.”

“I wish very good luck to anyone who is not Kovacs, Elizabeth, Kiptyn and Tenley. They’re going to be the final four. No one has the guts to break them.”

“Sorry if I didn’t stay classy.”

Shocked by her outburst, Dave said Krisily came off like a poor sport and “embarrassed” herself, but Krisily says she couldn’t care less what Dave thinks.

“Dave was the person I went to and trusted,” she said.

“I showed him I can be trusted. Dave made me feel safe … I don’t know how long it will take me to get over it. I do hold a grudge. What Dave did is unacceptable. The one minute I felt safe is the minute that they all screwed me.”