Ellen Ross Speaks on Jon Gosselin Relationship

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Ellen Ross is dating Jon Gosselin for some reason.

Because of that lifestyle choice, the 23-year-old has given up her privacy. In exchange, however, she just might have found true love with the father of eight.

Breaking her silence in her first-ever interview, Ellen recently told Pop on the Pop all about her surprisingly normal life with the reality star and much more.

Excerpts from Ellen Ross' Q&A with POTP below ...

On their first date: "It was a backyard barbecue. You get together, sit around, have drinks, talk. That’s just the kind of stuff we do. We’re like a regular couple."

On what she likes about Jon: "He’s funny, he’s very down to earth, he’s very laid back. Obviously, he’s a good father**! He’s fun to be around, always thinks of fun things to do. We actually have a lot in common; I think that’s why we get along so well."

Likin' This

Jon likes what he sees in Ellen Ross ... and/or that sweet phone.

On whether she had Jon get a tattoo of her name: "NO! Those were words taken out of context. The tattoo artist is my friend and has done work on me... I suggested, when Jon wanted to get a tattoo, that he go to my friend. That’s how that came up."

On staying under the radar: "I try to be myself. I don’t try to go anywhere in particular. We just do regular things like regular people do and if there happens to be somebody around that’s a reporter or somebody, they may take a picture on their own."

On public perception of her: "Anybody that says anything to me is supportive and they kind of feel for me for how certain things are perceived on the internet. I have yet to meet someone who strongly dislikes me to my face."

On doing reality TV one day: "I have no interest in doing that... I would NEVER do [a reality show], that is not the direction that I’d ever want my life to go into."

On who Ellen Ross really is: "I’m very down to earth. I like to avoid drama and I have a lot of close friends and I’m close with my family. I just try to go with the flow and take things as they come to me. I’m pretty personable. I’m easy to get along with."

** - Based on what, we have no idea.

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