Perez Hilton to Joy Behar: I'm an Idiot, Miley Cyrus is an "Oversexualized Creature"

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I used poor judgment and probably should not have posted the photo.

That's all Perez Hilton had to say about this week's Miley Cyrus upskirt picture scandal, in which the blogger Tweeted an image that suggested the 17-year old singer wasn't wearing underwear. Utter that one sentence and the controversy would go away.

But this is Perez Hilton, of course. He craves controversy and the attention it brings. Therefore, during his appearance on The Joy Behar Show last night, he spent almost nine minutes defending his actions, saying of the pic:

"It was showing Miley getting out of the car in an un-ladylike fashion. That was funny and keeping with her shocking behavior of late."

Perez went on to explain his side of the situation. He said:

  • He did not pixelate or photoshop anything.
  • He did not take the photo or even publish it originally. He simply linked to another website and that website was the one that took the picture down.
  • He'd do it again and would publish the image on his blog right now if he had a deal with the agency that snapped it.
  • It's "insulting to children" to insinuate that a shot of Cyrus exiting a car, without any nudity actually depicted, would be considered child pornography.

Hilton disagreed with Behar that the entire incident is "none of his business" because he said Miley was at a video shoot with paparazzi around and has "been around the block" often enough to understand what happens when cameras are around.

As for the talk that he posted a picture of a 17-year old's vagina, Perez scoffed: "I can't help it if America has a dirty imagination."

Ironically, this comment makes him just like Cyrus. Both tease the public with sexual images and innuendo, and then play innocent when called out for it. They even turn into victims and blame us for making such supposedly wild assumptions. That's exactly what Miley did HERE.

In response to Miley's assertion that Hilton is just some idiot, Perez agreed 100%. But said he's having fun.

He also referred to Cyrus as "oversexualized" and said she's "turned herself into this creature," bringing up her stage attire and recent incidents, such as Miley's videotaped lap dance for Adam Shankman.

Watch the video above and decide: Who is more annoying, Cyrus or Hilton? It's a tough question, we know.

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