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Did the light bulb finally go on?

Sources say Lindsay Lohan is “freaked out” over her court date today. For good reason, obviously. Girl is in deep $h!t. But is she actually cognizant of this fact?!

The train wreck has a pretty serious problem in the alcohol education department, having been required to complete 13 classes by last Thursday’s court date.

Lindsay and Bader Image

She did not. Then she got stuck in Cannes, claimed her passport was stolen, and missed the hearing. A warrant was issued for her arrest (and later rescinded).

Lohan posted bail, avoiding a hectic arrest upon her return to the U.S. yesterday, and a new hearing is set for today. Passport issues aside, she’s still in deep.

She has only completed 10 of the 13 classes, violating a court order to attend at least one a week on numerous occasions. She’s also a drunk, coked-up mess.

Lindsay Lohan will face the music later this morning.

Technically, that doesn’t play a role in her compliance, but it’s unlikely she’ll be seen as a sympathetic figure when she’s blowing off alcohol education to party.

This all stems from a DUI case in which Lindsay avoided jail time by agreeing to undergo alcohol education classes. If she violates the probation terms, though?

Judge Marsha Revel has already made it clear she was expecting full compliance. Lindsay Lohan has already made it clear that she could give a rat’s a$$. So …

People in the know say that today, the judge will probably prohibit Lindsay from drinking or doing drugs. That’ll be tough, as she likes to satisfy cravings fast.

For once, Lindsay seems to actually comprehend the mess she’s in, rather than living in denial, and is reportedly scared $h!tless about what’s gonna go down.

Her hearing is set for 11 a.m. EST, so expect an update afterward.