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Kate Gosselin is moving on, but she still misses Dancing with the Stars.

“It was just about two weeks before I was like, ‘Hey, I’m resettled back into life. I feel like a normal mom again,’” Kate said, while also admitting she went through “major withdrawals” after leaving the show. “It’s really difficult.”

“There is a post-DWTS depression that they fail to tell you about.”

The hard-working mom says the feelings stem from missing her castmates, whom she refers to as “family.” Not sure if the feeling is mutual, but hey.

Iman and Daniella

If nothing else, you can’t accuse Kate of laziness. In the weeks since she was booted from Dancing with the Stars, the mother of eight has launched her new reality series, Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8 reloaded, and has a new gig with ET.

Kate Gosselin will return to the Dancing stage for this week’s finale.

Her new role? A correspondent for Dancing with the Stars, natch.

“[It] has been extremely exciting to hold a microphone, and I found that I am loving this side of it,” Kate said backstage at the Dancing with the Stars semifinals, where she was conducting on-camera interviews. “I can talk. We all knew that.”

Indeed. Adding “correspondent” to her resumé, which already includes reality-TV star, author, promotional speaker and … oh, right, mom to Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, is all part of Kate’s plan keep focused.

Or scattered, however you want to look at it. She says she needs parenting help, and we’re starting to realize why. She has about as many jobs as she has kids.

Eight more than Jon Gosselin in the former department, so that counts for something, but still. You gotta chill out, Kate. Settle down. Stop and smell the roses.