Jesse James Hawking Old Crap on eBay

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With his divorce from Sandra Bullock looming, Jesse James has reportedly turned to eBay to earn some extra cash. Been there, Jesse James. Been there.

America's Most Hated is listing rare pre-war bicycles and other belongings like West Coast Choppers memorabilia, parts and a hand-painted mini coffin.

Taking Jesse Back!

No word if the hat from the Jesse James Nazi pic is available.

The Web site quotes one of James' buyers as leaving encouraging feedback after a transaction: "And the Oscar for best eBaying goes toooo... thanks."

Whatever that means.

Jesse James is looking to make some money online. Who isn't?

"Jesse is trying to lead a very quiet life now," a source tells Us of Sandra Bullock's cheating soon-to-be-ex. "He wants to get back to a normal routine."

While James may be pinching pennies, Bullock, on the other hand, has pulled out all the stops to spoil her four-month-old adopted son, Louis Bardo.

Settling into her new mom role, the actress recently spent $248 on baby clothes during a 45-minute boutique shopping spree in Austin, Tx., May 14.

Bullock, who confirmed her divorce and adoption of Louis the same day, looks committed to immersing herself fully and quickly into life sans Jesse.