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Despite a rough few months, Sandra Bullock is doing very well these days.

You can thank Louis Bardo Bullock!

After months of secrecy, the actress brought her four-month-old son out in public this spring – first in the People cover story that also announced her divorce from Jesse James, then over Mother’s Day weekend in New Orleans, and days later in Texas.

In Austin, Tx., where she owns a home, she “showed the baby off to just random people in stores,” a fellow shopper said. “Sandra was in a really happy mood.”

Sandra Bullock is “such a natural with [Louis] and so easygoing and chill,” one local store owner, Jennifer Mazuelos, tells Us Weekly. “And he’s such a big boy!”

Sandra Bullock’s new son is helping her heal.

After the devastating revelation that Jesse James was putting it to Michelle McGee among other nasty women, Sandra ended the union in an divorce filing.

With the timing of her adoption announcement, she in some ways hijacked the baby, or at least the positive PR from it, from James, who adopted little Louis with her.

In any case, the Oscar-winner is settling into full-time motherhood. “Sandra is loving it!” a pal says. “Having Louis around is perfect therapy for what she went through.”

While Bullock never considered adopting alone prior to her split, her unexpected single parenthood has been “an extraordinary lesson for her,” a friend says.

Extraordinary and cute.