Michelle McGee Looking For a Fight

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Michelle McGee has fightin' words for her haters.

Jesse James' mistress got a lot more than that for porn star Gina Lynn, her upcoming female boxing adversary in Celebrity Boxing 19. Ding, ding!

There have been conflicting reports on this.

McGee was originally supposed to referee the match between Lynn and Hailey Glassman ... or Kate Major. One of the two was going to fight Gina.

In any case, whichever mediocre Jon Gosselin plaything was supposed to throw down backed down, leaving an opening for another d-list boxer.

Luckily, Bombshell stepped in. The fight is ON May 7:

McGee Fight

Michelle Bombshell (McGee) is famous because of boning Jesse James. Now she is featured on a site called BoneBreakerz.com. Coincidence? We think so. But funny.


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